Our Astronomy is an alternative/progressive rock band formed in Venezuela the year 2015 and currently based in London. Their career begins with the production of their debut album “Vía A La Memoria”. The album was composed under the inspiration of Romano Giordanelli (singer) in mid-2013 in Dublin, Ireland with a few verses and the first letters and ideas of a natural voice, inspired by a clear lack of love. The introduction of the acoustic guitar to the band, accompanied by new senses to the songs. They recorded in “Caña Loca Studios” San Cristobal, Venezuela with the recording engineer “Ruben Darío Salas” winner of the Latin Grammy in the 2016 and mixed and produced in London with “Dave Pemberton” (The Prodigy, Motorhead, Kasabian)

One of their promotional singles “Viajero En El Tiempo” comes with a legendary keyboard collaboration of the Argentinian Rock “Alfi Martins” (Charly Garcia, Los Twist) clearly bringing back the power of the Spanish Rock to this mainstream music era.


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